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Some of our instructors:

Jyrki Korhonen

APM chief instructor in Finland and responcibily for the special courses. Instructors course under the IBA and many bodyguard cases in Russia, UK and USA for exemple.

Protection of celebrities like Bruce Willis, Geena Davis, Renny Harlin, Mika Häkkinen and the presidents Clinton and Jeltsin etc.

Team leader for a russian security team in moskva in 3 years.

6 years as the officer in the military

SWAT antiterrorist course at T.E.E.S. in USA 2001.

Dimitri N Fonareff

President and chief instructor of The National Bodyguard Association of Russia.

- officer in KGB:s 9 departement for bodyguards 1981-1989

- general from 1989 in KGB:s hq

- bodyguard to presidents and the head of the republic as Gorbachev, Reagan, Koll, Clinton, Mitterand and Margaret Tacher and also for celebrities like Naomi Campbel and Bill Gates.

Kai Salminen

APM instructor in Finland and expert with handguns.

T.E.E.S. antiterrorist course in USA 2001.

Before Military Academy in Finland.

Theodor Möller

Private investigator, expert on GPS navigation, microphones, cameras and other electronics with more than 20 years practise for security branches etc.


Johan Karlsson

instructor in bodyguarding and expert with guns.

Jale Poljarevius

Chief for Stockholm Polis departhement for drugs.


Michael Axell

Head instructor for shooting under APM - Sweden

Shooting instructors course by Polis Academy of Sweden

Responsibility for educations in Stockholms pistolskyttekrets

Gold medal in World Championships for PPC -practical shooting (SPSF) 2005

Goldmedalj in European Championships for PPC -practical shooting (SPSF) 2008