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Our bodyguard training programs

APM offers basic training (Basic I & II) for aspiring bodyguards, and further education (Special Courses & Master Class Courses) for bodyguards worldwide. All courses include supervised lessons, seminars, group assignments and real-life practice, concluded by written and practical tests.

The first step on your way to becoming a bodyguard is Basic I. During this course you get a chance to experience what bodyguarding is all about and decide if this is what you want to do, so that you don't spend your money on an education you don't feel comfortable with. Basic I also gives the instructors the opportunity to see if you have what it needs to become a bodyguard.

After passing Basic I you can apply for Basic II.

Basic training consists of a total of 50 hours of training. If you pass the final written and practical exams, you may join the APM and continue in our Special Courses program.

After completing basic training you can further educate yourself by attending our 8 Special Courses, all of them 25 hours.

All students choose their own pace of study, taking a break to accept an assignment and continuing later, is not a problem. All courses consist of supervised lessons, lectures, group assignments, practises and exams.

When passing total of 100 hours of training by completing written and practical exams, the students will receive the APM International Bodyguard id- card and after totaly 250 hours they also get the international bodyguard badge.