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Basic Skills Course, 40 hours, is your course number one:

The course incl.: The history and role of the bodyguard, To be a bodyguard, Ethic, Law, Close protection (C.Q.B.) - unarmed combat, defence & restraint tactics, Risk management, Improvised Explosive Devices, The structure and function of a bodyguard team, The pedestrian, static and mobile Protective Escort, Enbussing/debussing, Protective Driving, Paramedic, Close protection (C. Q. B.) - urmed combat against edged & and impact weapons, handling with your personally handgun 9 mm Glock 17, I.E.D., Risk management, Tactical performance, Documentation, Mental preparation, Communication, Competence tests etc.

Course fee: 1100 euro.

For who: This course is a step number 1 course for beginners, to introduce you in bodyguarding and what the clients would want of you if you work as a professional bodyguard all over the world.
You have to be at least 20 years old, lady or gentleman and mustn't have/had any problems with police department or law.
No need to look like a bodybuilder or superman, this course is for ordinary people who are interesting in professional bodyguard work.

Applications: No later than 2 weeks before the course start by mail or e-mail with the applications form you will find on this website. At the same time you have to pay application fee 220 euro to our bank account with address:

Kaizenkan, Hackstavägen 9, 184 32 Åkersberga, Sweden.

IBAN number:

The course fee, have to be paid before of the course.

After this very first Basic Skills course there are specialcourses 5-6 times a year there you can continue your education and training to be a professional bodyguard. All of these courses are 20 hours and have different programme every time that incl Protective Escort, Protectice driving, CQB and shooting range, close protection, Electronic Counter Surveilance, Risk Management etc.

Welcome to be an International bodyguard!

The course fees:

* Basic Skills Course - 1100 euro

* Specialcourses á 20 hours - 550 euro

An aplicationsfee of 110 euro will come to all Specialcourses

* High Risk Specialcourse, 100 hours - 2 500 euro + an applicationsfee of 450 euro. This course is only for members who have already done minimum of 80 hours of bodyguard courses.

A diploma after every course.

How to pay

A) You can pay every course by course by course after the Basic Skills Course, or

B) Course Alpha: 3 specialcourses together for 1400 euro. Totaly time 100 hours

The diploma after all courses, International Bodyguard id- card after the 100 hours of courses if the test is ok.

The Delta diploma after all courses and the bodyguard padge after 200 hours.