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Self Defence and Close Protection

We tailor training for stated-owned and private companies as well as individuals who wish to educate themselves in self-defence and close-protection. Our instructors have been teaching children, disabled, senior-citizens, adults and various professionals for more than 30 years.

C. Q. B. - Close Quarter Battle

Our experience and training has enabled us to create one of the most efficient and complete self-defence systems in the world. Based on easy and realistic techniques combined with knowledge of the body's nerve system and its weak spots, the system is accesible to everyone, regardless of size or physical strength. We emphasize the importance of mental training since no technique is useful if you do not believe you can use it.

The training is designed to help you prevent and answer to situations of conflict, establish boundaries and when all else fails, defend yourself or those close to you agains all kinds of attacks wtih all means necessary, verbally, mentally and physically.

The skills you gain will ensure a sense of security which will help you deal with threatening situations and abusive persons.

Our classes, ranging from feminine self-defence and classes for the disabled to advanced self-protection, are tailored to meet your special needs. Occupational training programs are constantly supplemented with new and updated information and provide training training for real life by using real-life scenarios. We have trained people in various occupations such as: security-guards, patrolmen, police-officers, chauffeurs, clerks, social-workers and staff on cruiseships, airplanes, in correctional facilities, mentalinstitutions etc.

Having your staff feel, not only content and motivated, but also safe at their workplace and when getting to and from it, will ensure a sense of well-being and reduce sick-leave.

We are authorized by the National Swedish Police Board for training security-guards and patrolmen in close-protection.

Training may take place at a location of your choice or at our modern, fitted training center in Stockholm. Classes range from intense crash courses to long term courses.