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Johan, 28 years wrote:

"After my bodyguard basic skills course I also enjoy some of the specialcourses and then I get my first job as a bodyguard!.

Me and my team would meet up the client at the international airport and take him to the hotel. Thereafter, we would follow him everywhere throughout his visit, when he would meet his business partners, at a restaurant with lunch break and on the evening when he would have some fun and go to the night clubs. We were with him also the next coming days when he would go shopping and sightseeing. In the end, we had to run him back to flight after a successful visit.

This is the most exciting and most amazing I have ever done in my life and I will definitely continue the work with personal protection in the future.

I would also like to thank the APM sovereign staff for a great and professional teaching. "

Being a bodyguard is rarely equal high light as it is produced in the many films as you can see on television or in cinemas. The work is often very monotonous and borring with much anticipation. Nothing will happen of course, and as long as it is quiet we have done a good job. This is to prevent, to be one step ahead of a potential bad people.

A bodyguard have to be able to take responsibility for a client's safety. This means that he or she must be well-trained both mentally and physically. You can never guarantee 100% safety, but a bodyguard through good planning can significantly increase the client's chances to not be subjected to threatening and dangerous acts and reduces the risk of executing a threat to a reasonable level.

As a bodyguard, they are never perfect, and they have to constantly update and develop their knowledge and keep themselves in good form both physically as mentally.


As a person, organization or property are threatened by violence or that someone may be injured or in danger large economic losses it has to be taken in order to be able to continue carrying out their daily routines. The most common is that you go to the police, but if they do not have the time or that their resources are not enough (which, unfortunately, is the case more and more often) you maybe need to hire a private bodyguard.

Bodyguards who work for a security company called in Sweden for "personskyddsväktare" when only police officers with training in personal protection may call for bodyguards when they are working under the "Säpo".

However, there are also private bodyguards with adequate training and experience, but in Sweden they have to use the tittles as security/safety officer, security/safety consult for example and abroad for the bodyguard.

They works often as their own with their own companies or directly for a client engaged in his/her company.

It all starts with the Risk Management/threat analysis in which we obtain information about the client and his / her daily rutins.

After a threat analysis, we can together with the client easier to plan what type of personal protection is needed. For example, if the threat is exciting teenages fans in connection with the previously announced appearances perhaps a bulldozer similar person works best. He can keep the fans in the distance, at best, with his frightening appearance and with his physical power.

If the threat is kidnapping, murder or blackmail, a bodyguard who do not have a low profile constitute an extraordinary case where no person is anti-bullet and anti.

It is also extremely difficult to protect someone about an explosive charge detonerar or against a sniper who is on the roof, in the window or on the balcony of a flats 500-1000 m away! Only bodyguard who foresaw this and took his client away from danger has a future.

If the bodyguards carry weapons on duty, this must be very restrictive and well-justified. The bodyguard must also have an adequate training in weapons and maintain their skills regularly.


1. For high risk VIP's, it is probably necessary to have one or more bodyguards. With self-discipline and personal training, VIP can protect themselves against the mild threat. But VIP's self defence is inadequate in the event of serious ongoing threat, when the need VIP around the clock protection of one or more bodyguards.

2. Bodyguarding is very demanding and borring. The work is often tedious, routine and the results of seemingly negative (for example, on the bodyguards are doing their job well, then nothing will happen). But how well the procedures may have been something going to happen sooner or later. Bodyguards have to act quickly, boldly, correctly and efficiently. If necessary, to even risk their own health for their client.

3. Bodyguards task is to prevent and deter an attack, but if it still happens:

Died, be an additional obstacle to the bad peopple to address.

Protect, with the body, protecting the client from being damaged. Bodyguards are not bulletproof.

Space client from the place where the threat is.

Neutralize the bad peopple, if it is out of danger to the client's life.

Take life-saving measures, until more qualified help is in place.

Cooperate with the police and security officers, inform and gather information.

4.  As a bodyguard requires that you are both alert and vigilant. None of the properties are easy to maintain in the longer event. A bodyguard have to see everything and think about what might happen. Nothing can be taken for granted.

5. A bodyguards personal approach and attitude to personal protection, must be the best, and to develop a good way and stick to it.

6. Bodyguards of judgement must be sound and he or she must be capable of long-term planning. Thanks to its proximity to the client, have bodyguards be honest, calm, patient, flexible and reliable. Being able to melt into different environments as a vigilant and discreet, grey shadow, but to attract undue attention is important to become a good bodyguard.

7. Given that the bodyguards may come into confrontation, should he / she have the experience, tested in a real life and dangerous situations. Fast thinking, resolute and in good physical trim.

8. Bodyguards to be clever even when stress in many areas of their occupation, such as communication, observation, driving, close protection, first aid, IED etc. Bodyguards should be somewhat technical to be able to use the technical means available. He or she must extend its benefits and offset its limitations.

9. For bodyguards, security must be natural. To protect themselves from unnecessary verbiage and protect their documents. Not let other people know more than necessary. Not disclose future plans by the apparent conduct, show particular interest in certain places and roads, etc..

10. In addition to all this must be flexible bodyguards, when bodyguards are rarely able to perform ideal protection. The quest is to make the best of the situation at a particular time with the resources available.

11. Finally, good bodyguards are not without good training. The training must be arranged formal, professional and updated continuously. In order to remain a good bodyguard needed opportunities for further training, work experience and to practice regularly.

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